Friday, August 28, 2009

And they were struck before starting with an already fading interest...

Welcome to Fading Interest.

I enjoy writing. Honestly, I do. But I am prone to starting grandiose writing projects and then abandoning them. Not every project is abandoned; I have "won" Nanowrimo twice. Unfortunately, I have "lost" three times. This tendency to move on is not limited to writing. I have jumped in with both feet on web site projects, role-playing game designs, and numerous dieting pacts only to jump back out again like that kid down the street who splashes in puddles after a storm.

In August of 2009 (although at the time of writing this it is still August of 2009, I am attempting to keep the narrative functional for people visiting this site in the future), a friend of mine wrote an excellent column on blogging and six tips for succeeding at it.

For those interested, here is the link:
They can do it! and so can you: 6 tips for successful blogging

At the time, I was suffering through a triple threat combo of writer's block, writer's apathy, and writer likes to play MMOs ... itis. Additionally, Randall Munroe had, again, climbed into my head and his gentle mocking added to the stack.

I took action.

I closed out my first pathetic attempt at a traditional blog and latched on to something Sarah said in her column.

"Not sure that you can sustain interest in one topic for longer than a certain period? You can ... change the topic every year to something new and different. "

And that is when I thought up Fading Interest. Nine pieces a month, typically (hopefully / definitely!) published three times a week for the first three weeks of each month. Each month dedicated to one topic. Discussion welcome and hoped for. That is my mandate. That is the Alexander that cuts the knot of my writing troubles.


(and thank you, Sarah)

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