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The Slow Burn: Round Two - Caine2 vs. Kaya2

Slow Burn Tournament Round 2: Shamrod (Cygnar) vs. Kevinbakon (Circle)


Shamrd and Kevinbakon faced off against each other for their December tournament game. Shamrod's lists were Major Victoria Haley with Thorn and Captain Allister Caine with Ol' Rowdy. Kevinbakon's lists included Kaya the Moonhunter using Tier 4 Call of the Wild and Krueger the Stormlord with Ghetorix (among others). The Scenario was Fire Support. Shamrod dropped eCaine and Kevinbakon dropped eKaya.



Captain Allister Caine
- Squire
- Ol' Rowdy
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Journeyman Warcaster
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6)
- Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (10)
- Captain Jonas Murdoch
Horgenhold Forge Guard (10)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Call of the Wild - Tier 4
Kaya the Moonhunter
- Druid Wilder
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Riphorn Satyr
- Gorax
- Pureblood Warpwolf
Shifting Stones
Warpborn Skinwalkers (5)
- Warpborn Alpha
Druids of Orboros
- Druid of Orboros Overseer


I recently played against Shamrod's Caine2 with a similar Krueger2 list, and I lost to assassination.  One side of the board had no cover, so I was afraid about keeping Krueger safe.  Instead, I decided to get super aggressive with Kaya's speed and punch.

I picked eCaine because, between my two lists, this is the one that I feel the most comfortable with and has the best toolkit to deal with Circle.


I won the roll and chose first turn.  I knew that would leave Caine a good obstruction to keep safe behind, but if I got lucky, there might be an opportunity to sneak a ghostly Stalker or Pureblood in for a caster kill.  I stuck my druids way on the flank to keep the dwarves knocked down and pushed around.  Skinwalkers would get in combat asap and tie everybody up.  Warpwolves will stay in the middle ready to hit either side.

Kevinbakon chose to go first, so I picked the side of the table with the nice obstruction to hide behind.  This also gave me some pretty clear lanes on both flanks to have my Boomies block access to my objective, and to have the hammerdwarves ooze up to threaten his objective.  


With all the advance move and deploy in my list, I got waaaay up the board on turn one, but I started to spread my beasts out too much. Laris went way left, the warpwolves went up the center, and I sent the riphorn right.  I was hoping he'd be able to break up the dwarf formation with his animus.  Kaya put up shadow pack and forced evo on the riphorn.  It was an odd choice for the buff, but I hoped that he could get lucky with some misses at def 14, and maybe get a chance to show ol' rowdy how's it done.  


No allocation, because there’s no need for it, but Caine does take one Focus from the Squire.  The Rangers run over to the forest on the right, spreading out a bit to keep safe.  Boomhowler calls for Super Tough, and the trolls run up the board and surround the objective.  My goal was to just be a jerk and make it difficult for the Skinwalkers to get through.  The Gun Mages walk up a bit and put a few snipe shots into the wolves.  Not enough to do a lot of damage, but just to hopefully soften them up a bit.  Reinhold steps up and Reloads Caine.  

The Dwarves run as fast as their stubby legs can carry them, and form up in their little triangles for some extra armor.  Junior strolls up a bit and throws Arcane Shield on the Dwarves, bringing them up to a respectable ARM 21 while B2B.  Awwww yissssssss.  The Stormcaller runs up the board a little, just for kicks.  Eyriss runs to the left, around the forest, and hangs out there a bit.  Caine is feeling saucy, so he walks forward and decides to shoot at a few of the Druids.  He casts True Sight on himself, then opens fire taking out 2 of the droods.  He then Gate Crashes back behind the obstruction and calls it a turn.  


The 2 druids perished from my stupid placement. The skinwalker charge into boomhowler's buddies went well, and Shamrod had some pretty sad tough rolls. Laris was a good pooch and ate a trollkin too.  The pureblood moved up, wraithbaned his mouth, and sprayed down 3 out of 4 dwarves.  Then....BLUNDERVILLE.  I charged my stalker at the middle troll BEFORE I moved Kaya!  The stalker ended up outside of her control range.  He wiffed his sword, hit with his claw....and the troll toughs!  I can't force any more attacks, and I've left my stalker way too exposed since he can't lightning strike back.  

I run Kaya over to get my beasts under control again, and set my stone up to teleport either of warpwolves or gorax next turn.  Then, the druids engage Eiryss and fire some ineffectual force bolts trying to knock down ol' rowdy and some dwarves.  Then, the creme de la creme - I run my riphorn into melee with ol' rowdy.  Why? This will be one of life's great mysteries.  I sort of got counter charge mixed up with counter slam. Turns out engaging ol' rowdy does not actually prevent him from crit knocking you down and doing a ton of damage.  Whew boy, this turn is going to hurt...


I just want to take this moment to tell a quick story:  Months ago, during a small 35 pt. tournament, I got a countercharge with Ol’ Rowdy on pSorcha...and missed.  I like to think that this crit knockdown that happened here absolutely makes up for it.  Rolling double 6’s made me feel so warm inside.  Okay, back to this tourney!  

That knockdown meant I didn’t need to allocate anything to Rowdy, so I just grabbed another Focus from the Squire.  I upkept True Sight and Arcane Shield, then unleashed the carnage.  Junior walks up and tries to pick off one of the Druids, but that’s sad.  The dwarves charge into battle with the Druids, 3 go after the KD’d Satyr, and one dwarf engages the Warpwolf.  One druid dies, but the other is now in melee.  The three dwarves on the KD’d Satyr just couldn’t kill him, which was sad because I was hoping I could free up a lane for Rowdy to go after the Warpwolf.  Ah well, it only took one last swing of Rowdy’s hammer to finish off that goat.  The Stormcaller tries to help out Eyriss by killing one of the Druids on her, but rolls awful on damage.  Eyriss is, however, able to kill the other Druid hanging out with her.  Then Ayanna walked up and tried to Kiss the Stalker...which missed...ugh...okay fine.  

Reinholdt runs up and Reloads.  Caine walks over, checks his range using his control area, and pops his feat.  I SHOULD have moved my Rangers first...which I realized after I moved Caine, but it’s’s ooookay.  I start unloading on the Stalker and wipe him out.  I then take out one of the Skinwalkers, and call that a pretty successful eCaine feat turn.  He is kind of hanging out there, but I feel like I can jam things up enough to make things difficult for Kevinbakon to get an assassination.  The Rangers do what they should’ve done first and run around the back of the front line, pointing at things to boost my army’s RAT.  The Gun Mages walk up a bit and fire a CRA into the Skinwalkers, taking one of them out.  Murdoch yells at the Boomhowlers to Assault, while Boomhowler himself calls for more Super Tough.  The assault was pretty good.  Put some damage into the Skinwalkers, and took out Laris’s Spirit.  I’m feeling pretty good about how my turn went, and I think murdering half of his beasts might have hurt.


Kevinbakon: DID hurt!  I knew going in that that the feat was going to be painful for my beasts, but I didn't need to help by offering up a sacrificial goat. At this point, I have two choices:
  1. Go for the assassination that relies on a 3 dice 11.
  2. Abandon the skinwalkers to reinforce the other flank.

I go for option 1.  My plan is to open up a charge line for the pureblood, force evo/primal him up, and channel a dog pile through Laris to get the distance.  The skinwalkers start clearing, getting lucky with some poor tough rolls again.  They had started running low on health after Boomhowler's assault, but they get some great blooddrink rolls and start healing up! The stones teleport a primaled gorax over to clear some more trolls, which frees up a move from Laris.  He advances up near Aiyana.  Kaya boosts the attack roll for dog pile at Caine....1, 1, 2.  At this point, I'm feverish, and cast dog pile with no fury left to boost!  A 6!!!....and a 1.  Crap.  She feats, but the pureblood is the only beast that hasn't activated.  He moves up, boost sprays Aiyana (deadified) and boost misses the focusless Caine.  He feats back to block LoS to Kaya, but I think I am in trouble.  Oh yeah, and the druids start crying about how I'm not using them correctly.  Whatever, babies.


Kids, I got lucky.  The dice had been pretty mean to both of us this game, but that Dog Pile whiff was just a huge tower of luck on my part.  Now it’s time to take advantage of that.  I decide to see what I can do on my left side of the field, just in case I decide to fall back on a Scenario win.  I don’t allocate again, take the last Focus from the Squire, and I let True Sight drop.  Junior upkeeps Arcane Shield once more, with feeling.  The Stormcaller strolls up and drops a Storm Call on the druid in melee with my dwarves, and electrocutes the bastard.  Now no longer in melee, the hammerdwarves call for a Charge!  The group near the Druid’s crispy remains go after the objective and pop that sucker pretty easily.  1 CP for Cygnar!  The rest decide that the stones and Gorax.  They successfully take out 2 of the stones, and one mighty dwarf gets a Crit Smite off on Gorax, sending him across the board and KD’d.  Rowdy runs up to the Flag to gain control.  

I look at the board a bit and think about my options.  Then I think “eff it, let’s murder Kaya.”  Reinholdt does his Reload thing, and Caine starts his activation.  He charges the remaining Shifing Stone, then casts Gate Crash to pop into melee with Kaya.  The Ranger hanging out in the backline gives Caine +2 to his RAT, turning it up to 11 (lol get it).  A couple well placed shots and the game is over.  



Thoughts on the Match:

Ah, well.  Caine took advantage of the lane I opened.  Oops.  Shamrod was a great opponent and it was a really fun game.  He's also the one who invited me into the league, so thanks a lot for that!  Krueger MIGHT have worked better than Kaya.  He's got a better toolbox in these matchups.   Stormwall for the guns, telekinesis for turning jacks around, the dwarves hate the feat.  On the other hand, stormwall doesn't help much at gatecrash distance.

Things I Did Right:
  • Skinwalkers held the line like champs! If given more time, they would have chomped through the trollkin and on to the gun mages.
  • Setting up the assassination went pretty smoothly, besides it hinging on rolling an 11 on 3 dice.  
  • This was my first strict deathclock game.  My clock management went pretty well!

Things I Did Wrong:
  • My biggest mistake was mishandling my druids.  I used them like bloodtrackers.  In this matchup, the druids would have been super useful if they just hung out with Kaya and the beasts, using counter-magic to shut down any gatecrashes and magic bullets.  In fact, I think they made this list better than Krueger's, but I used them poorly.
  • I threw away my riphorn and stalker.  I was thinking the goat was the expendable one going in, but he didn't get a chance to help at ALL.
  • The assassination was tantalizing, but I probably should have just kept fighting.  I could have forced evo and primaled the pureblood, then teleported him into melee with rowdy to avoid the counter charge.  I still had my feat, so I could have brought my beasts back to safety afterwards.  
  • The pureblood should have focused entirely on the forge guard.  Blessed high pow sprays against terrible def clumped units?  Yes, more of that!  

This game was lots of fun!  Thanks, Kevinbakon!  Both of us had some pretty lame dice at times, but things went really smooth.  The more I play on the clock, the more I really enjoy it!  I really like how comfortable I’m getting with my Caine list.  I feel like I’m getting better at knowing when/how to use his spells, and using his Feat when it makes the most sense.  I am looking forward to a matchup where i can take eHaley.

Things I Did Right:
  • I think I unpacked my army waaay better this time.  I’m getting better at just using the Boomies and not caring if they die.  They’re just supposed to be in the way and if they kill things then that’s awesome.  My dwarves actually did some work, too!  
  • This was the first time I used eCaine’s Feat to kill off beasts instead of going for the caster kill.  I’m proud of myself for using the feat to hurt my opponent instead of just saving it for an assassination.
  • Rowdy wasn’t destroyed super early!  

Things I Did Wrong:
  • I absolutely didn’t know what Kaya could do.  I’m sooo bad at looking at what my opponent has in their army that I should think about.  I didn’t think of Dog Pile, or having the Warpwolf Ghost Walk in and turn Caine into a smear.  I wouldn’t have been so cavalier with Caine’s placement.  
  • Even though I did better at unpacking my dudes, I STILL crowded my Gun Mages a bit.  I feel like they should be hanging out with the dwarves, helping to clear the way for them.  Maybe I’ll try that next time.
  • I need to do better deploying A&H.  I did get a chance to Kiss something this game, but I still feel like they hang around doing nothing.

GG, Kevinbakon!  It’s always awesome throwing down with you!

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