Saturday, January 23, 2016

Warmachine Battle Report: Feora, Protector of the Flame vs. Kreuger the Stormlord

I was able to get a pair of games in with one of my local friends, Kevinbakon, who runs around with great looking Circle models that constantly make me want to buy into Circle. The first match we played was Feora2 vs. Krueger2 and then we swapped to our other lists and played Anson Durst vs. Morvahna1. This is the battle report for the first game.

I won the initiative roll and elected to go first. Kevinbacon selected the side of the table with the forest. The scenario was Recon. Here are the lists:

Krueger the Stormlord
- Druid Wilder
- Megalith
- Ghetorix
- Gorax
- Warpwolf Stalker
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Tharn Bloodtrackers (max)
- Nuala the Huntress
Shifting Stones
- Stone Keeper
Objective: Fuel Cache

Feora, Protector of the Flame
- Judicator (bonded)
- Hand of Judgment
- Reckoner
The Covenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Choir of Menoth (4)
Temple Flameguard (10)
- Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard
Objective: Fuel Cache


The last few times I have run my Judicators into Circle, I have not been aggressive enough with them. This game I plan on shoving the Judicator straight down his throat. Feora activates, gets Escort up and puts Ignite on the Hand of Judgment. She moves up to the wall. The Judicator runs forward then the TFG advance under Shield Wall. The other warjacks run. Gorman advances and drops a cloud. The Choir shields my jacks from spells. One Vassal Enlivens the Hand, the other runs into base to base with the Judicator. Rhupert advances and puts Dirge of Mists on the TFG. I want to make the math curve as hard as I can in my favor. Hopefully a few of them will live to do something.


The Bloodtrackers run forward and spread out a bit. Krueger brings up Storm Wall to make my ranged game miserable. Everything else shuffles around and gets into position.


The one thing I really don't want is both Megalith and Ghetorix getting into the Judicator. I figure it will survive one of them but not both. Therefore I need to jam up the path a bit with the TFG and make him spend some activations clearing a path for the Ghetorix. I would like to have a glory turn from the Hand spraying down the Bloodtrackers, but he has fouled things up by spreading them out.

The Choir starts with Battle. The Judicator advances and starts lobbing rocket shots downrange. It is hard to see from the picture, but I have a line on Krueger, even off the hill (the Stones are stealthed). I roll mostly garbage, but manage to drop a pair of Blast templates onto Krueger, light him on fire and force a couple transfers to the Gorax. I also manage to kill the Stone Keeper with some hot dice. The TFG mini feat and run, trying to jam up the center and the charge lane to the Judicator. The Hand advances and fries a couple Bloodtrackers. Enliven is more important than a couple more dead Bloodtrackers, so that is what the Vassal gives him. The Reckoner sets up in the middle, preparing to be the last piece in the upcoming trade-fest. The Book is pushing the Lawgiver's Creed and Gorman steps over the wall to add some concealment to the Hand and coverage for the group behind him. Rhupert keeps piping the Dirge.


Kruegar shunts the Fire Damage over to the Gorax again. The Stalker jumps out of the woods and ices a pair of TFG. Megalith has to spend his activation clearing the path for the Ghetorix and also raises Undergrowth. Kevinbakon makes a pair of mistakes this turn. He forgets about Enliven and the Hand walks away after the first Charge. Then he TK's Ghetorix for the charge, but ends up placing him more than 4 inches from his Fuel Cache. So Ghetorix has to spend a Fury to Charge. He does manage to cave in the entire left half of the Judicator, however.


The Choir Battle the warjacks again. I make a couple mistakes this turn. I should have juggled Ignite. This is the first time I have really used the spell on a warjack … don't ask me, I have been playing for a few years and I always throw it on my infantry. Surprise surprise, POW 22 is a thing. Anyway, the Judicator manages to severely wound the Ghetorix but rolled snakes on one of his good attacks (left arm was out). I spend the rest of my activations on that side trying to do enough the dirt the thing and come up about 4 or 5 boxes short (this includes a free Assault from the Reckoner than manages to land and a CMA from the TFG that I think failed to break armor). Ghetorix gets a bonus to his ARM when engaged. Ignite would have made the difference. Oh well. The Vassal Enlivens the Hand and the Hand charges the Stalker. Like I said, POW 22 is a thing and the Stalker goes down quickly. I spend his last bought attack annihilating a Stone and stopping some serious Teleporting shenanigans. I am prepared to lose the Hand. I am a little annoyed I had to commit the Reckoner. There is a chance he is going to take all of my Heavies off table next turn. Gorman steps up to the disappointed Bloodtrackers and drops a no deviation acid bomb on the three of them. Feora heads central again. The Hand is out of support range, but there is fire on the table now.


Fire burns Kreuger for a handful of damage. Ghetorix frenzies and hammers the Judicator again. Kevinbakon has learned from previous games against me to block Enliven when he can (he just blanked on it the previous turn). He surrounds the Hand with a Gallows Grove and a Bloodtracker. Another Bloodtracker manages to spike Gorman and put a point in on the Book. The Stones heal the Gorax for a point (restoring his broken aspect from all that fire damage) and Krueger for a few more. The Gorax charges the Hand (for free from the Objective) and hammers it nearly into junk, however, it still had 5 boxes, including a Cortex and a Right arm. Megalith charges the Reckoner and rolls the worst garbage dice I have seen in months. Four attacks later the Reckoner has taken about 6 boxes of damage. Megalith raises Undergrowth again. Maximus charges in and whiffs on a TFG (I think he should have charges the Reckoner, but looking at it later, we didn't think he had the distance without taking a Free Strike). Krueger advances forward into the zone. I think he is setting up for some kind of spell assassination (since he has rough terrain locking down charges).


Somehow I managed to make it through the turn without losing my heavies. The plan now is to attrition and keep Feora safe. The Choir manage to Battle the Judicator and the Reckoner. I was planning on juggling Ignite this turn, but I forget to activate my Hand before I activate Feora. So Feora feats, allocates a spare focus to the Reckoner to fill it, drops Ignite on the Reckoner and camps a bunch. The Judicator splats Ghetorix and Maximus. The Reckoner advances a touch into Megalith and smashes him into garbage. The Hand misses the Gorax. The Book pushes No Spells again.


Kevinbakon starts his turn and we start resolving fire. It fails to go out on Krueger. I look over at the Hand and realize he is about four and a half inches from Krueger … suddenly the fire damage roll is a POW 14. I roll an 11 on the dice and Krueger is staring at a POW 25 Fire Damage roll … and the Gorax is full on Fury. Ouch. Ciao Krueger. That will teach you to tempt me with pretty models.


Thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hand of Judgment (sealed)

Forgot to glue the banners into place when I took the previous pictures. Here is the finished and sealed model.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hand of Judgment (painted)

I'll be adding more to this or else making an entire series of all the painting I have done in the past few months. However, here are the quick shots I took last night.

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