Monday, October 26, 2009

Snippets VIII - The Demons of Ice

Snippets are small pieces I am considering expanding into larger works.

They are a terrible scourge, the ice demons that crawl in with the darkest of night and winter. As the spider webs of frost steal across a pane of glass or a still puddle, they slip through the crisp air. They slip through night so deep a million faint stars play loudly among their usual brethren, through air so sharp the slightest whisper of breath between snow shrouded branches carries a mile. They move as dancers, bereft of sound in stride or cry, they leave no marks upon new laid drifts. Their eldritch blue visage held aloft by lament and the yearning of centuries they quest forth in endless pursuit of those that violate their lands. The cold and unwelcome realms of eternal ice cloaked in perpetual night are their haunts.

Some must have escaped their extended claws else no one would know the danger of those lands. Instead they would be mysteries themselves who ventured beyond the last villages, insane wanderers and fortune seekers so bent to their task they know nothing of the merciless death that awaits.

But how much is story and how much is truth? Do their eyes burn as cold as the night but with an azure gleam? Does their grasp hold man and beast rooted to the ground unable to flee but fully aware of their impending end? Who has survived to bring these tales to the light? Or is there another purpose? Do they walk among us even now awaiting the eternal creep of winter and the coming night to transform in sinister alleys into sorcerous wraiths of hate and evil?

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