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The Final Days of Farwood - The Paths of the Dead - The Fingers

The following is a partial account of the party's adventures during the Final Days of Farwood.

...when last we left the party... 

Upon their return from vacationing at the Sinking Isles the party discovered their Inn, the Raven's Perch, had disappeared ("It was STOLEN." - Silas Crowe) along with most of the northwest section of Farwood.  The Baron of Farwood coerces the party into finding the Borderstone of Farwood, an ancient relic that disappeared along with the Perch ("IT was STOLEN." - Silas Crowe).  And what does the Baron offer the party for their success?  Merely the lordly sum of 100,000 gold coins ("It was much?" - Silas Crowe).

And with that the party set out to locate the Tower of Knowledge, therein to seek the aid of an oracle.  Perhaps the oracle can point them towards their lost Inn ("It wasn't lost, it was Stolen...along with my Brandy...ALL of my Brandy." - Silas Crowe).  To reach the Tower they are presented with two options, a byzantine Labyrinth of twisted and thorny trails through a maze of poisonous plants...or an equally tortuous Path through the cold lifeless dark of shadow.

They opted for the cold lifeless dark Path of the Dead.

Has it been mentioned that most of the party worships the Raven Queen?

Here is the extent of their knowledge (and their sad sad low rolls):
On Borderstones
  • Borderstones are ancient relics people believe keep the civilized lands from being overrun with monsters from the wild lands. [ History / Arcana - DC 20]

On The Tower of Knowledge:
  • You have heard stories of an oracle in a tower in the wilderness.  He trades help for lost knowledge. [History / Arcana / Religion - DC 20]
  • The tower is challenging to get to, it can be dangerous and people have died seeking it out. [History / Arcana / Religion - DC 25]

On The Seer:
  • The Baron of Farwood once aided the Seer and received a boon. [History / Streetwise - 20]

On Farwood:
  • The Raven's Perch has been around for a long long time.  No one remembers when it was first built. [History / Streetwise - 20]
  • Farwood has stood up to troubles from the outside and withstood all manner of threats.  Some would say that Farwood has survived against all odds to the contrary. [History / Streetwise - 25]
  • With the disappearance of the Raven's Perch and most of the northwest corner of the city, Farwood feels rougher, tenser, and less stable.  People are on edge, and everyone expects the worst.  Some people have started to leave. [History / Streetwise - 30]

Almost immediately upon entering the Paths of the Dead, the party began to suffer from the intense cold.  If must have made more of an impact than they expected because soon they were making wrong turns and poor decisions...and they ended up in The Fingers.

The Fingers - Level 14 Encounter (4800 xp):
Beholder Eye of Frost, Level 14 Elite Artillery XP 2000
Eye of Shadow, Level 12 Elite Lurker XP 1400
Foulspawn Hulk Thrall, Level 12 Brute XP 700
Foulspawn Hulk Thrall, Level 12 Brute XP 700
Scht'eve the Elf misses the broad side of a beholder.

Stanos and Silas fear nothing...well Silas fears an empty cup...but that's it.

Silas Crowe finishes the fiend with near sober grace.



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  1. Silas did not say "how much". He has transcended the need for money. Or, he had, with his stash of aged and beautiful brandy agining in the cellars of his, STOLEN, inn.


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