Monday, February 27, 2012

So...2011 Had Its Ups and Downs

I have just returned from JoCoCruiseCrazy 2. This morning I spent some time fiddling with pictures, updating Flickr (upgrading Flickr), and making some adjustments to various digital entities here and there. A thought occurred to me: "When is the last time you even looked at your own blog?"...



Not that anyone ever reads it, and especially because I fell off the writing wagon, but I am a little sad to see I let it fade for so very long. Of course, it is in the premise of the entire thing. My will to create content comes and goes, although I would like it to go away less and less. In the past year, many many things have changed for me. Several relationships have imploded, others have deepened, I moved, started a new job, left that job when it became obvious to everyone that I was miserable, and fiddled here and there with projects.

This year is already off to an interesting start. I joined a writing group, I am working with an editor on the current draft of my first novel, and I went on a cruise. I am still seeking balance and rhythm, and maybe, just maybe, this platform will take me in that direction again.

We are two months through 2012 already (how?? how is that possible?), goes...


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