Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Treasure Compendium - Custom Magical Curios from 5th Edition D&D - Entry 4

(There are few resources available for magical treasure in the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons until the source books are published later this year. Until then, I am building custom treasures and sharing it here as the adventuring company in my new campaign discovers them. The system has great tools for making custom content.)

Well, the Company kicked over a nest of ghouls and hidden among the detritus of their meal was a set of magical leather armor ... much to the delight of the rogue. There are two levers I am going to be very cautious about throwing while building custom magical items: magical armor and magical blunt weapons.

I need to keep my undead healthy for a little longer.

The Blending Leathers are a real treat. They aren't for GMs who throw poor dice. My d20s tend to roll well, so I figured my party could benefit from a little disadvantage on my part.

Blending Leathers
This supple set of leather armor is stained dark. The craftsmanship is exquisite. There are cleverly positioned straps and ties that will allow any medium sized creature to adjust the armor to fit themselves like a glove.
An adventurer attuned to this armor grants Disadvantage to all attackers until struck by a ranged or melee attack. Once struck, this power is not available until a long or short rest is taken.
They are currently knocking around in a haunted lighthouse, trying to get it restarted for the nearby town. If they continue to roll poorly on the random treasure table ... this series of blog posts isn't going to go anywhere...

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