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Warmachine Battle Report: pSeverius vs eFeora

In early November I participated in a three round tournament at a local hobby shop. My third matchup was against Menoth. I was listing pSeverius and Harbinger. He was showing eFeora and Harbinger. 

I chose to go with pSevvy. There was no killbox and I felt like I could do a good job with the list. I swapped out my Vassal, and my Zealots for a Battle Engine and a Mechanic.

The Lists:
 - Redeemer
 - Reckoner
Avatar of Menoth
Covenant of Menoth
Vessel of Judgement
Vassal Mechanik
Choir (min)
Exemplar Errants + UA
Rhovan and Co.

eFeora, 2 units of TFG with UA, a unit of Daughters, a Reckoner, a Vanquisher, a Redeemer (bonded), Rhovan, Choir, and a unit of Cleansers with UA.

The scenario was Outflank, which I am very familiar with. I knew the problem I had with it in the past was splitting my army. When I saw my opponent split his army I thought I had an advantage. I was wrong.

Here is why:

1 - I elected to go SECOND. Because I got it in my head that I wanted the extra three inches of deployment. Instead of what I KNOW IN MY HEART to be “Go First and Get your GD Buffs and Tough out”. I didn’t think he could reach me! It’s Menoth!

2 - It was a Tier 4 eFeora list. And his Daughters ran 18 $%#!ing inches on turn 1. They AD’d at 13 inches, ran 18 inches on turn 1, and that is 31 inches, aka 7 inches past the center line and right on top of my Errants. I had daughters in my face on turn 1.

I was so far back on my heels that I forgot to take pictures for a while. Basically the Daughters ran into my grill and I spent two turns ungrilling myself while he ran into the zone and camped. His Tier 4 bonus gave all his Flameguard +2 SPEED, not movement, SPEED. TFG with 16 inches of run on turn 1 and 18 for Daughters? It was a bad time from the start and I couldn't un-bad it. The Redeemer was taking shots from Downtown and I had a heck of time getting forward.

Turn 3:

At this point I have managed to get my Reckoner into the Zone to contest and my Avatar into the other. I have been trying to clear the left zone but I keep getting screwed by clouds that I can’t see through to shoot. Rhovan was supposed to be there for this exact thing except he and his guards have been trying to murder daughters who can glide through everything. You will notice that pretty much my entire unit of Errants are completely dead by this point. FIRE BAD. The Battle Engine has been extremely under-whelming. I need more time with it, because I just can’t make it work. I have managed to admonisher some cleansers, and I killed one of the honor guard. Unfortunately, Rhovan and the other one got super mad.

Turn 3 and 4:

The Reckoner gets put into the dirt by a massed charge of TFG and Rhovan + Guard. My opponent scores a CP on the right and I have absolutely nothing I can get into the zone to stop him. My only choice is to attempt an assassination run. I probably should have waited one more turn. I probably should have feated as well to prevent his jacks from demolishing my Avatar. At this point it is almost 7 PM and I am getting tired and my back hurts. I am a little bummed out by how poorly I played in my last two games. The Avatar decides to charge the Vanquisher because it can’t reach eFeora. The Reckoner rolls something in the mid 30’s for damage on the Free Strike (my armor is 21 so I still take a pile). The Vanquisher gets hurt really bad, but I fail to break anything and the next turn he dirts the Avatar. I am screwed. My opponent scores on my turn and his turn bringing him to 3.

Score: pSevvy 0, eFeora 3

Last Turn:

pSevvy attempts to move into the Zone and do something … turns out the only thing I have that is any good is a fire attack … so I toss an Ashes to Ashes to see what happens and do a little bit of damage on eFeora. I am completely out of resources and gas and time. I pass turn camping 5 with 90 seconds on my clock. eFeora scores another point. My opponent has 2 and a half minutes. He fiddles around for a while, fails to kill Sevvy, gets to about 45 seconds before he realizes that he has to activate all his models before he clocks himself. He does so and ends his turn, score his 5th point

Score: pSevvy 0, eFeora 5

I just couldn't get any zone control. I lost hard on the right flank. I got shut down for two turns in the beginning. Did I mention some daughters danced through everything and stabbed the crap out of pSevvy before Rhovan and Company rescued him? At one point I had to put a ring of choir and Rhupert around Severius to keep him safe from the Daughters!

I played this one like complete garbage and it really made me question a lot of my decisions. I should have Never ceded initiative. It is too important to get Defender’s Ward, Eye of Menoth, and Tough out on my forces.

Well, I dropped to 1 for 3 on the day and took 10th out of 11th over all. I shot about 16 points of models off the table in the third game but failed to score anything in scenario.

I didn’t win the painting contest, but I didn’t expect to. I had a great time and everyone was super friendly. I met a bunch of interesting Warmahordes players and it sounded like everyone there was a good sport. I still need work on my speed and some of my tactical decisions, but this was the first time I had ever played in an environment like this. Final tally for my first tournament: I got a cool win and some good experiences in list chicken. 

Thanks for reading

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