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Warmachine Battle Report: The Harbinger of Menoth vs Absylonia, the Terror of Everblight

The Harbinger of Menoth vs Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

In early November I participated in a three round tournament at a local hobby shop. My first matchup was against Legion. I was listing pSeverius and Harbinger. Legion was listing Absylonia and pLylith. Even though technically my pSevvy list is supposed to be stronger against Legion than Harbinger and Harbinger’s feat wouldn’t do much, I felt like starting the day with the list I practiced. Plus, the scenario was Incursion and I felt like Harbinger was a strong drop in that scenario.

Incursion. Three Flags centrally located, after the second player’s first turn the center flag randomly disappears (SR2013).

The Lists:
Harbinger of Menoth
    - Hierophant
- Devout
- Reckoner
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
2 Units of Max Bastions
Nicia, the Tear of Vengeance
2 Paladins of the Order of the Wall
Aiyana & Holt

4 Shredders
some forsaken
a shepherd

Menoth won the roll and chose to go first. Menoth deployed in a line with Gorman and Nicia on the right flank. Legion consists mostly of just a battlegroup and deployed centrally.

Turn 1

Menoth runs like heck. Nicia super runs up the flank. A&H move up the left flank. The Paladins tromp forward as do all the Bastions. Harbinger doesn’t move, there is no killbox. Absylonia juggles some spells and moves some stuff forward. It was a tier list so some of the beasts had Advance Move. They didn’t seem to get too far forward, but there are some heavy hitters in there so it could get interesting.

[No Picture]

Turn 2

Harbinger moves forward and feats. The paladins and Vilmon shift hard left to make a play for the left flag since the center flag disappeared (of course). The right flank Bastions make a hole and the Reckoner steps through looking for shots but whiffs. Legion puts some damage on the Bastions but it gets spread around. Legion realizes that Gorman is immune to fire and corrosion. Gorman himself forgot this and found himself a little too far inside. Harbinger’s feat did about 7 damage on average to every beast that walked into it. The Raek jumped on Gorman and murdered him and Legion scores a Control Point.

Score: Menoth 0, Legion 1

Turn 3

Menoth charges Typhon, both of us screw up how controlling a flag works but we screw it up in both directions. You have to be B2B with a flag. That rarely happened all game. Oops. In this turn Menoth charges the Raek and destroys it with the fieriest of fire rolls. (It took 7 from the feat and then 1 Bastion one shot it for the rest of its life, rolling something 35 points of damage on one roll) Menoth “scores a control point”. The second Bastion unit advances towards the right objective.

Score: Menoth 1, Legion 1

Turn 4

Menoth moves forward with the Reckoner and shoots and hits nothing. The Reckoner has taken a fair bit of damage at this point from Legion warbeast shots. Nicia is doing a crazy end run around the back and being weird. I really don’t know what I am doing with her. The Bastions move forward. The Paladin Package moves up and Stone & Mortars and controls a flag. It’s getting a little fuzzy and I wish my pictures were more consistent, but at this point my death clock is ticking pretty low. Legion moves up and contests all over the place.

Score: Menoth 2, Legion 1

Turn 5

Harbinger banks hard to the left. Aiyana and Holt clear the area around the flag again. There is a flurry of thrashing and smashing in the middle of the table. The Bastions are trying to jam as hard as possible, the Vassal is trying to place himself so that Legion won’t be able to clear the area around the right flag due to too few attacks. Harbinger has martyred down to about 50%. Anastasia makes an appearance. Again, we screw up the rules and Harbinger “dominates” for two.

Score: Menoth 4, Legion 1

Turn 5

Legion, a bunch of attacks, an attempt to spray Harbinger that fails. Absylonia runs across the zone to contest and camp. A forsaken moves to contest as well. The beasts were all running super hot and pretty much all three of the heavies failed their threshold.

Score: Menoth 4, Legion 1

Turn 6

A Bastion murders the forsaken. Menoth has about 3 minutes left on his death clock and it is ticking down fast. Its time for an assassination run. Absylonia is camping hard, but doesn’t have any transfers. The Paladins try to do anything and manage to come up with all of 2 points of damage. Anastasia espionages and they all try again but fail. Harbinger, camping 10 because the Reckoner is a wreck and the left side of the board is the big show, pulls one off the wrack and moves in B2B with the Objective -and- within reach of Absylonia. Mat 3 equals Mat infinity, initial attack, boosted damage, buy and attack, boost damage, buy an attack boost damage … I don’t even think it needed the third attack. Harbinger dirts Absylonia and dominates for 2.

Score: Menoth 5, Legion 1, assassination victory.

Menoth scores 60 points of models destroyed (everything not in Absylonia’s battlegroup was off the table), when a caster dies you get the entire battlegroup as points plus 5 for the kill. Deathclock was at 26 seconds. Whew. If the clock had run out I would have lost by default.

My hands were super jittery but I had a victory!

I am getting a little annoyed that I keep winning while also screwing up the scenario rules. But this is why I am practicing. We seriously botched the rules around controlling and dominating a flag. This was my first tournament, first time under a real death clock (not just a friendly "let's see how fast we play" match), and the first time I had played against a total stranger. I am glad I got the assassination, but when reviewing my notes from the match was overall disappointed in winning with an asterisk.

Thanks for reading.

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