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Warmachine Battle Report: Vice Scrutator Vindictus vs The Witch Coven of Garlghast

Fresh on the heels of my first outing of Vice Scrutator Vindictus, I wanted another game before I committed to picking him up (proxied this time with Testament). My devious Cryx playing friend (from an earlier battle) squared off against my Vindictus list with his Witch Coven and their demon ball - now with significantly fewer proxies (yay Cryxmas). I didn't much mind going up against whatever was available on the day because I wanted to get a better feel for what had the potential to become my new caster.

The scenario was Fire Support (SR2013) with Lady Aiyana and Master Holt playing the role of flags. Cryx won initiative and elected to go first.

The Lists:
Vice Scrutator Vindictus
    - Sanctifier
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
    - Repenter
    - Repenter
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Choir of Menoth (min)
Exemplar Bastions
Exemplar Bastions
Holy Zealots + UA (Monolith Bearer)

The Witch Coven of Garlghast
 - Egregore
 - Skarlock Thrall
 - Deathripper
 - Deathripper
 - Scavenger
 - Stalker
 - Stalker
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Blood Witches + UA (Blood Hag)
Satyxis Raiders + UA (Sea Witch)
The Withershadow Combine


The Raiders are on the left, the Stalkers are on the wings. The Coven is lined up facing the linear obstacle. The Bastions flank the Zealots and the Seneschal and his jacks hold the center. Nicia is hanging out in back with Vindictus but not for long as there is a kill box. The monks are on the wings and the Reclaimer and Sanctifier each have a side.

Turn 1 Cryx:
Everything runs forward and the Coven drops a cloud out in front of it.

TURN 1: Menoth

The Zealots run forward. Vindictus puts Defender’s Ward on Nicia, casts True Path, then moves forward and feats defensively. Bastions run like the wind. The monks shifting sands and move up. The Repenters move forward and the Seneschal camps right behind them at ARM 20.

TURN 2: Cryx (no picture)

The Witches advance out of the hill, a few of them move up to engage the Zealots and all go incorporeal. The Raiders sidle sideways down the flank and take shots at Nicia and a Monk. They both live, although the Monk is knocked down from a Tough Check. A Pistol Wraith advances but does not go base to base with the flag. The Coven advances and feats, catching most of the Menoth army (reducing their LOS to 5” and impacting their stats). They also drop a cloud out between the right Bastions and the Witches.

TURN 2: Menoth

With LOS at 5” for everything that matters, Menoth is forced to rely on advances instead of charges. Vindictus moves sideways and brings up True Path again. The Zealots minifeat and run. The Sanctifier slides forward which removes Incorporeal from the waiting Witches. It smashes one but misses the other. The Bastions advance and try to chop down some Witches and try to put a hit in on a Defiler (under feat this does not go well). The right side Monk advances under Shifting Sands and attempts to be an engaging nuisance. On the other side, the Bastions advance and one gets a shot on Egregore, transferring a little damage to the Coven. Nicia and the Monk chop up some Raiders. The Choir battles the Repenters. The Repenters advance and spray a Bastion in the back, catching Egregore and lighting both on fire.

TURN 3: Cryx

Egregore burns a bunch during Maintenance because Menoth rolls fire on fire dice. The Raiders murder Nicia and the Monk, the Scavenger advances and attempts to kill the Bastion, but there is enough damage to go around to allow him to live and deny the Sprint. A Pistol Wraith death chills a Bastion, and another one in that unit perishes (but his soul is STOLEN by Cryx). The Coven puts out a cloud, and Egregore backs up over the linear obstacle. The Witches attempt to kill some Bastions, but only take one off the table. The right side Monk is brutally murdered and the Defiler whiffs on the Bastions. (The pic was taken after Menoth started turn 3 which is why the Sanctifier is in a different position.

TURN 3: Menoth

The only Bastion with a shot at Egregore (the other was death chilled) *should* have advanced and hacked at a Coven, but in all the excitement of surviving through fire and corrosion, he advanced and took a swing at the Demon Ball - missing. Then the Zealots activated and prayed for damage. Four Zealots found range and LOS (and remained in command range of the Monolith Bearer). The first Zealot rolled fire and blew up a Coven. The second Zealot rolled fire and blew up a Coven, and the third Zealot rolled fire and blew up the Demon Ball and the third Coven.

Victory for Menoth!

Less direct involvement from Vindictus this time. He upkept Defender’s Ward until it was time to put it on himself. He dropped True Path through most of the battle. He used his feat early to keep the Satyxis from getting a charge turn. I kept him in close touch with some defensive Zealots. According to my opponent, if I had moved the Repenters any far forward, the Scavenger was going to make my day a sad one. It turns out that True Pathed Bastions jam pretty hard. If the Zealots hadn’t closed it out on the last activation, I would have Battled the Repenters and hosed everything down with fire. The Coven is strong when at full power, but once you start cracking it, they become significantly easier to keep cracking.

After I finished the match, I walked over to the Warmachine section of the shop and picked up Vindictus. I put him together while waiting for another match to complete. I painted and based him last night. I just need to add some shading and varnish. I am thoroughly enjoying his playstyle.

Thanks for reading.

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