Sunday, November 29, 2015

Temple Flameguard (painted)

I am switching my paint scheme for my Protectorate of Menoth army over to a purple / bronze with red highlights. I started when I picked up Anson Durst...

Recently I have repainted a pair of Templars and my Holy Zealot unit (plus Monolith Bearer). Next up for the holiday weekend was my first Temple Flameguard unit. When I first acquired these guys, I was a bit too into Exemplar Errants to appreciate everything the TFG do for the Protectorate. They have since become one of my very favorite units to put on the table. I think I spent about 20 hours repainting them into my new purple/bronze scheme. I just couldn't stop and the hours kept slipping by. Hopefully the pictures do them justice. They might be the best work I have done to date.

(Temple Flameguard Officer and Standard Bearer, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Unit Leader, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Grunt pose 1, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Grunt pose 2, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Grunt pose 3, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Leader and various Grunts, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Unit and Attachment, November 2015)

(Temple Flameguard Unit and Attachment, November 2015)

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