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Warmachine Battle Report: Anson Durst vs. Supreme Kommandant Irusk

Got a game in with my Khador friend earlier this week. We each prepped two lists and shared them, then declared our drops ahead of time (so we could jump right in when I showed up). I was showing Durst, Tier 3 Defenders of the Wall and Kreoss2, Tier 4 Crusaders of Sul. He showed Butcher2 Mad Dogs of War and an epic Irusk list. I told him that Mad Dog lists terrify me and I would be dropping Durst. He said that the Butcher2 list was a head fake and he was dropping Irusk. We rolled a random scenario and it came up Recon. We added a few forests, a hill and a linear obstacle to the battlefield and got started.

Here are the lists:

Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith
- Judicator
- Judicator
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Choir of Menoth (4)
Temple Flameguard (10)
- Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard

Tier Benefits:
1: Paladin solos gain FA +1 for each unit
2: Free Temple Flameguard Attachment
3: Paladin solos gain Advance Move

Supreme Kommandant Irusk
- Sylus
- Spriggan
Iron Fang Kovnik
Iron Fang Kovnik
Kovnik Joseph Gregorovich
Orgrun Bokur
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Iron Fang Pikemen + Black Dragon UA
Iron Fang Pikemen + Black Dragon UA
Winter Guard Rifle Corps


Khador won initiative and selected the table side with the hill. I predeployed my Judicators with about an eight inch space between them. The Paladins went up front, the Temple Flameguard filled in the gaps. All the support got dropped in the back to stay as far away from his long guns and airstrike spell as possible. Durst tucked in behind the TFG.

Khador spread his forces across his deployment line. The IFP up front, the WGRC in the back. The Spriggen and Irusk were set central in his army.


Paladins Advance Move after Deployment ends. I activated each Paladin, moving them forward and using Impervious Wall. Looking over my opponent's list, I realized that he didn't have many options for removing Impervious Wall Paladins, so my plan is to shove them down his throat. I wanted to go first because I just wanted to run everything forward and worry about blast deviations on turn 2. The TFG run forward and build two pockets for the Judicators. The Judicators run forward, the choir has two of their number advance and sign Hymn of Passage for kicks. My other plan is to keep my support as far back as possible. I didn't want the mortar crew arcing shots into my support and I didn't want to let his caster deep enough into the field to place an airburst over them. Durst cast Deflection and Wall of Steel and charged the Mortar Crew. I felt pretty safe and just wanted to get him up the field a little bit in case the Judicators were able to advance any significant distance on turn 2.


He Shield Marches both IFP with the Kovniks, Irusk hands out Tactical Supremacy. Both units of IFP advance in Shield Wall eight inches up the board. The group on my left reforms forward three inches at the end of the turn. All of his other stuff moves up a bit. The Mortar Crew run up on the hill.


Even though I know my opponent put the Mortar Crew in his list to try them out, they were one of the only things beyond his caster that were a threat. One deviation into my support and I would be in trouble. So they became my top priority. Second priority was to keep screening my Judicators. Durst allocates a focus to each Judicator and upkeeps Wall of Steel. The Paladins and Vilmon advance and Impervious Wall. I should probably have considered moving the left Paladin towards the flag to contest and take scenario completely off the table, but I was more interested in messing up any charge lanes I could reach. The TFG used their minifeat and advanced under Shield Wall. The Choir sang the Hymn of Battle and the left Judicator activated. It advanced and started launching rockets down field. Four pie plate deviations later, the Mortar Crew was dead, Sylas was on 1 box, eIrusk had taken 6 points of damage, and an unlucky IFP or two ate boxcar and almost boxcar damage. The Vassal's ancillary shot went astray, so it was on to Judicator number two. I moved the Judicator up and forgot to drag my focus along with the model. Shots from this one drifted all over. I forgot to boost any of them and I think somehow managed to kill one more IFP. Durst advanced and cast Deflection again.


Understandably, my opponent is a bit upset that I scapeled out his long range gun. I think he only has one way to deal with the Paladin situation - to burn most of his stack AirBursting a target. That would leave him open to concentrated Judicator fire. Instead he comes up with a funnier thing to try. The IFP on the right advance in Shield Wall with a Shield March bonus from their Kovnik. Then the Rifle Corp advance and, for the first time ever according to my opponent, use Suppressing Fire to surround Vilmon with a hail of bullets. If he stays there, it will have a low percentage change to kill him, because it doesn't count as an attack. Irusk moves up on the hill and puts Battlelust on the left IFP unit. Those IFP advance under a Shield Marched Shield Wall and managed to kill a several TFG. They also minifeat with Iron Zeal making their armor pretty terrific. The Spriggen runs forward.


Well, here we are at turn three, which means I am going to feat with Durst and get two turns of murder. The plan is to charge the Spriggen (it is close, but I think I have it) with one Judicator and to Power Attack Sweep with the other Judicator. I knew earlier in the afternoon after studying the matchup that a Sweep was going to happen at some point. Iron Zealed IFP under Shield Wall are only getting removed by the scything arm of a giant robot. Durst upkeeps Wall of Steel and allocates two to the "Judicator". The Choir sing the Hymn of Battle and the TFG get out of the way. Well … several of them conspire to light several IFP on fire as well. Then the "Judicator charges … and fails by about ¼". Sigh. That is frustrating. I should have risked Vilmon to clear the lane a little more. I knew I was going to be safe from direct attacks on the next turn. This realization didn't come until just now. Oh well. That activation is over. Vilmon double saccs and gains both stances, the Suppressing Fire does nothing. The proper Judicator advances and adjusts his left field of fire enough to sweep through four IFP and a poor TFG (who almost dodged!).Then the Vassals advance and each Judicator gets an Ancillary Attack which they use on Flame Throwers. That lights a pile of IFP on fire. The Mechanik tucks in and Durst advances, casts Deflection, and Feats. I pass the turn.


We roll fire and about 2/3rds of the IFP that were burning are consumed. At this point my opponent looks at the time, looks at the board, realizes that he has no way to take two Judicators off the table with what he will have left after my next turn, and concedes. We talk tactics and shop while we pick up the game, which was a relaxing way to end the evening. All in all, it was a brutal matchup for eIrusk. Special thanks to Gaston for sharing the list with me. Here is the final board state.

Victory for Menoth!!

Thanks for reading!

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