Friday, February 19, 2010

At every turn, magic (and good beer and more magic)

There exists, set deep within my bones at this very moment, an ache so thorough I can do nothing but notice it with every movement micro or macro.  The ache and wretched weariness is born in part from a fierce determination to get back into martial arts and part from the startling distance of my current shape from where it once lived.  Also, I have a devil may care attitude on the proper construction of just about anything involving grammar at this point in the evening.  It has been a good day, but it stuns me that I remain this destroyed two days after my last session in the dojo. 

A technical maelstrom swirls within my living room this evening.  To my right, I am party to 1/6th of a webcast conversation between six brewers, all of their twitter feeds, and an array of live blogging.  In front of me is...well...what I am typing at the moment, but hidden behind that is a world of distraction.  Beyond the table, the television sits ready to stream all manner of missed shows or Netflix wonderments.  The Brewers - a few months ago @topfermented @SimplyBeer @HopfenTreader @CaptainsChair @THFBeer_Name and @LutherHaus decided to try an experiment.  They each took the same recipe for a beer, altered one part of it, brewed the beer, and sent bottles to each of the other six participants.  They are trying each of the beers and commenting on them...broadcasting their thoughts...and I am piggybacking on @topfermented's native charm and tech savvy watching his part of the action.

Of course, I am having something excellent on my end as well.

And all of this swirls through my head and I was a good day.  I had a interesting set of experiences professionally that I can comment on at a later date, I heard from a friend that his partner received the job offer he was shooting for, I played about 90 solid minutes of some of the best and craziest RockBand 2 Drums, goofed of for a few minutes in Azeroth, and now find myself savoring a sweet and powerful beer listening to enthusiasts talk about their craft.

Over the weekend I am going to put together the next part of the Alkhezzar storyline to go up on Monday.  Wednesday will probably see another Location.  I am worried that Alkhezzar isn't good.  I am also worried that I completely suck at this and don't know it.  One of my goals this year (which has been a goal for a number of years now but seriously...its time) is to get my first novel edits completed and push it out through Lulu.  So that weighs on me as well.  But tonight is not a night to dwell on my fears of failing as a writer, tonight is a good night.  There is modern technical magic at every turn, I am wired into a conversation between a friend in Durham and a friend in Atlanta.  Off in another corner of my computer, over a half dozen people that I know well yet have never met face to face are playing out the remainder of their Friday hours in a fantasy realm of pixels and sorcery.  And somewhere, unknown to me, five other brewers join my friend in a shared passion of craft beer.  It is a strange and curious world and I love every bit of it.

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