Monday, February 15, 2010

Reinvigorated to write following the Farpoint convention

I have been absent, neglectful, and hiding in fantastic worlds of words and pixels. This recently departed weekend found me at a small and intensely friendly convention just north of Baltimore, Maryland. Farpoint has been operating in the area for years serving up slices of sci-fi con fare for nearly two decades. It was my first experience at a con that size, my previous experience being massive undertakings such as Origins and Comic Con. My agenda was fairly straight forward: ask Felicia Day every question I had on a small list and find some motivation to de-rut my writing.

Both objectives were accomplished! Felicia answered questions for two one-hour blocks (and commanded the room the entire time). I had the great fortune to ask the first question at the first panel and the last question at the last panel (and numerous in between). More important to that bit of geek heaven: I attended a number of panels that turned the wheels in my head once again. In much the same way that I refashioned my efforts towards writing at the end of last summer (spawning this small blog), my brain finally settled on a format that should see an uptick in my previously faded interest in finishing anything ever.

Alkhezzar is about half published, mostly written, and somewhat edited (not really). I will be putting up the rest of the story over the next few weeks. Oddly enough, I am going to attempt to move to a more predictable publishing schedule. It remains to be seen how well I will take to this or if my new idea will work at all. Perhaps in another two or three months things will fade again and the next permutation of my will to express will bubble slowly to the surface. Until then, and with renewed determination (and yes I realize that this post is essentially a post about how I need to post more often, damn you Randall), I propose the following:

Mondays - original writing projects similar to what I am attempting to do with Alkhezzar.

Wednesdays - writing practice similar to what I attempted with Snippets (be honest, I both need the practice and practice is the only way to get better)

Fridays - a weekly commentary piece closer to an op-ed / travelogue / hey, check this out column.

I'll start this new format on Wednesday (the next part of Alkhezzar is not yet ready for prime time but damn well better be by Monday).

So, thank you #Farpoint, the people I met there, the blogging and copyright panels I attended, Felicia Day, (which is how I came to attend the con), and all the extremely geeky folk that made me feel great the entire weekend. Here I go...again.


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